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Do we get stronger, more conscious, and healthier?

In my childhood, my elders used puzzle games to spend time. One of them said, "I'll go, he goes with me, and you can get a sound." It was the question. Riddle like rhyme with the answer "Walking Stick" today nostalgia, naive, simple, innocent and lean. However, that cane is vital, essential, very important for some of us! I don't know if the riddle has anything to do with my pursuit of WeWalk, but WeWalk kept loaming in my head for a long time. Let's sum up the reason in a short sentence; The first technological product produced in the world for the visually impaired society and Turkish…

Industrial designer, Mete Mordag, designer of the WeWalk product. Before the Covid isolation, when we contacted, neither of us had predicted that we would live today. After hearing "WeWalk", I took Mordag's work to my radar. As I read, I also learned different things. This conversation will also touch Corona Days… I wonder if we can combine pandemic and industrial design for example. Does nature and evolution make everything more efficient? Does anything efficient come out of Corona? Despite the values and lives we have lost, I believe that we will believe that we will come out with good teachings. For example, we will remember our basic simple freedoms such as getting air, walking on the street, touching, we will not appreciate even the air and the seas ... We realize that luxury and pointless consumption does not work. I even try so hard to look at the full side of the glass that I think Turks are very lucky folks; We miss or stop… we sit and skid… time gives us the opportunity to look at our mindsets and fly to where they should be… I also want to bring the concept of sharing to the agenda. You will also find it in the article, this shows that we can multiply as the epidemic shares it.

There is a big mass that will not make sense of what I write here and forget about it when the problem passes, and as Mordag said, ignoring them, evolution will do them as it knows. The good thing is that we have seen that we are not alone in our loneliness, regardless of race, religion, language, nationalities. Come on, let me invite you to this pleasant conversation...

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