Designing the Future


Mete Mordağ is one of the expert viewers of the Edison Awards 2020. WeWalk, the Smart Cane for the visually impaired, which won the Edison Golden Award last year, has also the Mordag’s signature on its industrial design. 
Designing smart products

Some of the smart products which have Mordağ industrial design signature are: BEAN SMART Home appliances enable lighting and electronic devices to be controlled via a single application or the web with plug-and-play products. The Bean project was funded at 118 thousand ₺ in the Anchor. Aiming to make life easier for users in the photography and video industry with innovative products, MIOPS CAPSULE360 was funded with $ 600,000 in Capsule360 and Kickstarter. The smart cane WEWALK, which is a local venture product, was funded in 290 in Arıkovan in 2016 and 54 thousand dollars in Indiegogo in 2018. The smart cane project was deemed worthy of many awards and investments, including the Edison award. The WOLLOX interactive screen converter touches the surface (board, carpet, wall, etc.) of any screen or projection area. Last month, Arıkovanı reached its target by funding on the funding platform with 232 thousand. Wollox, which is currently in the production process, is expected to hit the market at the end of this year. 

Mordag’s design signature is in 25 countries

Mete Mordag has brought over 25 patented products and ideas to its customers so far. In addition, over 100 products with Mordag Design signature meet users in more than 25 countries. Digital transformation in the world shows itself in every field. The architects of this new age, where technology is at the center, are industrial designers…

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