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Bean Smart Appliances for living space, Capsule360 Smart Timelapse, WeWalk Smart Cane for the visually impaired are some of them. Bean products enable lighting and electronic devices to be controlled via a single application or the web with plug-and-play products. Bean Products, which consist of three units as Bean Smart Center, Bean Smart Socket and Bean Smart Switch, is called Bean Friends. Bean products funded in Arıkovanı earned 118 thousand TL. Aiming to facilitate the life of users in the photography and video industry all over the world with innovative products designed and developed, Miops was funded at Kickstarter, one of the world's largest crowdfunding platforms, with Capsule360. Up to 600 thousand dollars in funding has achieved the record for Turkey.


WeWALK is the world's smartest cane, which is founded by YGA (Young Guru Academy) and developed Vestel engineers. Contributing this great project by undertaking its industrial design will always be a great honor for me. WeWALK, which is a local venture product, was successfully funded in Arıkovanı in 2016, and in 2018, in Indiegogo with 54 thousand dollars. Not only in Turkey, has it continued to see great interest worldwide. The smart cane project was deemed worthy of many awards and investments, including the Edison award. Wollox interactive screen converter is an amazing technology that turns any screen or projection area into a touch surface regardless of its size. Last month, Arıkovanı reached its target by funding with a funding platform of 232 thousand TL. The Wollox screen converter and the Wollox smart pen, which are currently in production, are expected to hit the market in the last quarter of this year.


Just having a good idea is not enough. The idea needs to be transformed into a product, offering functionality and making life easier. Industrial design is the biggest supporter of the idea in this process. It assumes an important responsibility in the design, launch and even marketing of the idea. The fact that the normal design process, whose impact in total production costs remained at only 5 percent, has a measurable effect on the market value of the product, reaches 70 percent. This situation increases the belief and desire to make new products go through a total design process in the world.

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