4 Good Design Awards

Winning awards in 4 different sectors

Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, which took place within the scope of the Design Turkey 2019 event, organized for the eighth time this year, were found. Industrial Designer Mete Mordağ won 4 “Good Design Awards” at the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards, which includes products in electronics, home-living, lighting, building-construction and kitchen industries. Ministry of Commerce of Turkey Exporters Assembly hosted in coordination with Turkey's bill with branding to contribute in order to ensure organized by Design Turkey, more than 100 speakers, more than 150 designers on, industrialists with 34 panels and conferences, academics, students and thousands of spectators brought together .

The awards came to: CAPSULE360 camera movement box designed for Miops, which was funded with 600 thousand dollars in Kickstarter. SKYROOF PRESTIGE, Bioclimatic pergola system, designed for Palmiye. POLE Industrial Cooking Line designed for Kayalar Mutfak. HYBRID Dental Clinic CNC, designed for Redon. 

Awareness of industrial design in society is rising

Drawing attention to the importance of effective use of design in products, Mete Mordağ said, “Design Turkey, which aims to contribute to the development of industry, international branding and industrial design, has a very important function for our export market. Thanks to events such as Design Turkey, we see that the awareness of industrial design in the market has been increasing continuously. 

Underlining Turkey's significant momentum in the last 25 years the industrial design registration statistics, Mordağ said, "Industrial design is a very effective tool providing great advantage in the market competition, if used wisely. It is just not enough to have a good looking product. The idea needs to be transformed into a product, offering functionality and making life easier. In today's markets where there is a competitive environment, it is extremely important that the product not only looks good, but also offers a new function and an idea.”

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